Erectile Dysfunction (ED) or Erection Problem

Erectile dysfunction or impotence is sexual disorder characterized by the inability to develop an erection of the penis during sexual performance. Penis erection is the effect of blood entering and being retained in sponge like bodies in the penis.Penile erection occurs by two type on is due to emotional or erotic stimuli and second is by touching directly the penis. It can be psychlogical due to feelings and thought and secondly due to physical conditions like physical abnormalities.

Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms

It is characterized by a lack of voluntary control over ejaculation. It occurs shortly after or before the penetration during sexual intercourse.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Causes

ED is caused :
- Due to Drugs Inhaling.
- Due to Neurogenic Disorders.
- Due to Cavernosal Disorders.
- Due to Psychological Causes.
- Due to Surgery.
- Due to Aging. - Due to Kidney failure.
- Due to Diseases such as diabetes and multiple sclerosis.
- Smoking is main cause of erectile dysfunction.
- ED can also be due to both vascular compression and neurological disorders.


Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Diagnosis

ED can be diagnosed by : - Duplex ultrasound
- Penile nerves function
- Nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT)
- Penile biothesiometry
- Dynamic infusion cavernosometry (DICC)
- Corpus cavernosometry
- Magnetic resonance angiography (MRA)

Erection Problem or Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Treatment

Aerobic exercise is an effective Treatment of erection Problem . An external specially designed vacuum pump can also be used to get erection.All these treatments are based on the principal of hydraulics.It can also be treated through

- Medication
- Surgery - By the process of prosthetic implants.
- Devices- Devices like penis pumps can be used to get erection.

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