Frigidity in Female

Frigidity (Sexual Arousal Disorder) is known as inability to achieve orgasm during intercourse. It is also known as Candace disorder.

Types of Frigidity

Lifelong Frigidity:  This type of frigidity occurs since birth or is developed at later stage.

Specific physiological Frigidity:  This type of frigidity is caused due to various types of causes. It may be due to physiological factors.

Causes of Frigidity

A number of factors contribute to the cause of frigidity in female. Some of the contributing factors are listed below:

Psychological: Many of the psychological conditions contribute:`1
Sexual accidents such as Rape, Incest and Sexual Assault.
Fear of STD’s and Pregnancy.
Lack of Confidence

Individual relationship: your relationship with your partner also plays major role o the cause of the condition.
Emotional Distance from partner.
Communication gap between partners.

Physical factors: Many Physical factors also plays important role in the lack of sexual desire in female.
Discomfort and pain during intercourse.
Vaginal dryness
Lack of proper foreplay
Poor performance of male partner
Alcohol and drug inhalation
Harmonal imbalance
Nervous injury
Medication side effects

Treatment of Frigidity in Female

We at Soni clinic in Gurgaon provide frigidity in female treatment by ayurvedic medicines.

Female Infertility

Female Infertility is also known as infertility in female. It is also known as inability to reproduce in female even after unprotected intercourse for one year.

Causes of Female Infertility

Causes of Female infertility can be acquired or genetic.

Age: Age plays an important role in the fertility of women. A women’s fertility is at peak in the early and mid twenties.

Tobacco Smoking: Tobacco Smoking injures ovaries and thus results infertility. The Degree depends upon the time and length of period of smoking or being exposed to a smoking environment.

Sexually transmitted Disease:  STD are the major reasons of female infertility.

Body Weight: Infertility in female can be if the female is underweight and overweight.

Chemotherapy: Chemotherapy plays important role in female infertility.

Genetic factors: Mutation in genes can cause infertility in females.

Hypothalamic dysfunction

Polycystic ovarian syndrome


Ovarian Cancer

Tubal Dysfunction

Vaginal Obstruction

Infertility in Female Treatment

Treatment of Female infertility may be done by:-
Maintaining healthy lifestyle: By eating well balanced diet you can increase better fertility aspects.

Treating existing Disease:
 By treating existing disease infertility in female can be prevented.