Hair Problem

Hair is a filament type growth structure that grows from the follicles of the dermis structure of the body. Hair is present at different parts of the human body. Hair is made up of Keratin protein. Hair fiber is made up of several layers known as 

Cuticle - It is the outermost layer of the hair fiber.

Cortex – It is the middle most region of the hair fiber and is responsible for the strength and water uptake of the hair. Melanin is also present in this region which is responsible for the hair colour.

Medulla – It is the innermost region of the hair.

Hair follicle or hair bulb is the part below the skin and the growth of hair takes place inside the follicle. It is the only living part of the hair.

Hair Colour

Hair colour is the result of two melanin type pigments Eumelanin and pheomelanin. Dominance of pheomelanin in hair causes redness in hair.

Common Hair Problems

Here are the common hair problems found in the human beings are: Grey Hair: Grey Hair or graying of hair means whitening of hair. The hair graying occurs due to loss of colouring pigment in the hair. Grey hair occurs as the age of the person increases or person becomes older.

Split Ends: Split hair problem starts due to mechanical stress and excessive heat. There is no treatment available for the split ends hair except trimming the hair.

Damaged Hair: Damaged hair problem starts due to loss of moisture in the hair.

Dandruff: it is the common hair problem happening in almost half of the population. It causes itching in the hairs. We provide dandruff treatment.

Hair Loss: In this problem of hair the persons starts loosing hairs on the regular basis. Initially from the front of the head. This problem is also known as Baldness.

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