Impotency or Impotence

Impotency is a condition in which one cannot achieve a satisfactory sexual intercourse. Impotency is also known as the inability to get an erection of male organ. Impotence is very common problem. It can disturb the whole life of men.Impotency

At the primary stage it is a temporary problem but can be converted into permanent if not treated by the competent medical treatment. It commonly develops in the later stage of age.

The root cause of impotency may be due to number of factors varies from person to person. But in all factors, a man can’t enjoy the sex resulting the breakdown of relation between men and women.

Symptoms of Impotence or impotency

These are the following symptoms for impotence:
• Lack of Sexual Desire
• Inability to Achieve an Erection
• Inability to maintain erection
• Problems with ejaculation.

Cause of Impotency or Impotence

Impotence can be caused due to an anatomical defect, genital defect, paralysis in the nerves of penis, inadequate blood supply, accident or trauma, emotional factors. Aging is the major factor for the impotency. Exposure to very cold and hot temperature can also leads to impotency.

• Impotence can also be caused due to psychological factors such as
• High stress
• Depression
• Problems in Relationship
• Alcohol abuse
• Diabetes
• Tiredness
• Misuse of organ for a long period of time.

Treatment of Impotence or Impotency

Impotency treatment depends upon the root cause of the problem. Problem caused due to problems in relationship can be resolved by fixing the problem between the partners. Impotence caused due to psychological factors can be treated by visiting counselor. An Obese person can improve by losing weight. Impotency can also be treated through home remedies or ayurvedic treatment.

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