Leucorrhoea or Leukorrhea Treatment

Leucorrhoea is a thick, yellowish or whitish vaginal discharge. Estrogen imbalance is the main cause of Leukorrhea. The discharge can be increased due to vaginal infection or sexually transmitted diseases.

Types of Leucorrhoea

Physiological Leukorrhea: This type of Leukorrhea occurs due to estrogen imbalance.

Leucorrhoea Causes

- Heavy intake of heavy foods, oil, sweet, cold.
- Heavy intake of yoghurt, butter, milk and cheese.
- Overindulgence in sexual activities.
- Repeated miscarriages or abortions.
- Improper vaginal hygiene.
- Bacterial Infection
- Fungal Infection
- Indigestion
- Constipation
- Anemia
- Improper lifestyle and vaginal hygiene during menstrual cycle.
- Stress and Anxiety

Leucorrhoea Symptoms

White, Sticky, Thick fluid discharge having foul smell from the female organ.

Leucorrhoea Treatment

Leukorrhea ( female Vaginal white discharge) treatment restores digestive fire of body and balance kapha and cleanses toxins.
Soni Clinic located at gurgaon, Haryana, India headed by Dr Subhash Arora a Leukorrhea specialist doctor provides Leucorrhoea treatment with the ayurvedic medicines from more than 40 Years by the rejuvenating herbs.