Male Organ

Male Organ is an external male sexual organ. This organ is also known as Penis. It is made up of three tissues two corpora carvernosa corpus spongiosum.Male Organ

Anatomy of the male organ

It is made up of following parts:
Epithelium which is made up of the shaft skin (foreskin) and the perpetual mucosa inside the foreskin and covering glans penis.

Treatment of Length and Diameter of male organ (Size)

Length and diameter of male organ varies from men to men and it depends upon its hereditary character. Length of penis can be increased up to the age of 24 – 25 years after that length cannot be increased. But the diameter of male sexual organ can be increased at any age of the person.We Provide penis enlargement treatment from more than 40 years.

Male Organ Disorder

Priapism: It is painful erection which lasts more than 4 hours. It occurs only when the blood inflows in the penis but is not adequately out flows.

Peyronie's disease: Peyronie's disease is disease in which a hard plaque or lump forms on the penis. It occurs in mild form and it is cured without any treatment in 6 to 18 months.

Belanitis: Belanitis is an inflammation on the head of the penis.

Erectile Dysfunction: It is characterized by the erection disorder in male organ.

Male Organ Disorder Treatment
There are various treatments for male organ disorders are available. For fungal infections antibiotics or antifungal medicines can be taken. Soni Clinic at Gurgaon Provides treatment for the length and diameter, Penis Enlargement of the male sexual organ by the use of ayurvedic medicines.