Oligospermia refers to the low concentration of sperm in the semen. It is a common infertility problem in the men. Less than 20 million sperm/ml is considered as low concentration of sperm and this condition is known as Oligospermia.

Causes of Oligospermia

Causes of Oligospermia include:
Pre Testicular Causes:
• Alcohol, Drugs and Smoking
• Strenuous Bicycling or horse riding
• Medications like Androgens
Testicular Causes
• Genetic defects of Y Chromosome
• Abnormal Chromosome
• Trauma
• Malaria
• Mumps
Post testicular causes
• Infection
• Obstruction in Ejaculatory Duct
• Obstruction in Vas Deferens

Oligospermia Treatment

Oligospermia treatment can be provided by the infertility management. In some cases Oligospermia can be treated through direct medical intervention or surgical intervention and can improve the sperm concentration. We at Soni Clinic Gurgaon provides Oligospermia Treatment through ayurvedic medicines.


Azoospermia (Sterility) is the medical condition having no sperm in the semen. About 1% of male population is affected from this problem.

Types of Azoospermia
Pretesticular Azoospermia: It is caused due to insufficient stimulation of genital tract and normal testicles. In this condition FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) levels are low and the testis is inadequately stimulated to produce sperm. It is seen in 2% of men suffering with Azoospermia.

Testicular Azoospermia: In this condition testes are absent and thus sperm production is disturbed. This condition is seen mainly in 49-93% of men suffering with condition.

Post testicular Azoospermia: In this condition sperms are produced but are not ejaculated. It is found in 7-51% of people affecting from the condition. Azoospermia Causes Azoospermia can be caused due genetic factors. Azoospermia Treatment Pre and post testicular Azoospermia can be cured but the testicular Azoospermia is permanent and incurable. We at Soni Clinic in Gurgaon provide treatment through ayurvedic medicines for more than 40 years.