Lack of Libido of Sex

Libido is a person’s sexual drive or desire for sexual activity. Sexual desire is an important factor in the maintenance and formation of intimate relationship in both male and female and thus lack of sexual desire can affect the relationships. It is common in women and rare in the men.Impotency

Causes of lack of libido in Male/Female

It in man can be psychological and physical.

Physical Causes:
• Alcoholism
• Abuse of Drugs
• Obesity
• Anaemia
• Head Injury
• Diabetes

Psychological Causes:
• Depression
• Stress
• Exhaustion
• Problem with partner>

Treatment of Lack of Libido in Male/Female

Treatment of lack of libido in male/female has been not discovered till now in medical science but it can be treated through ayurvedic medicines. We provides treatment of lack of libido in male and female by the application of proprietary ayurvedic medicines with 100 % results.